26 Mar 2023

Category: Competitions


OctoberFest Winners! 

Thanks to all who participated in our OctoberFest competition! We sure appreciate all you do! Below are the winners of this month’s giveaway. Please watch for an email in your inbox¬†today requesting your name and address where you would like us to ship your prize….


September Showdown Winners! 

September showed us some great competition between our transcribers and our uploaders, but the transcribers stayed strong and pulled through with the win this time! Congratulations, transcribers! You will each receive a BillionGraves stressball and I’m sure you’ll need it after all the transcribing you’ve…


September Showdown: Week 3! 

It’s been a busy month here at BillionGraves with over a quarter of a million images transcribed and almost that many images uploaded too! Our picture-takers and transcribers are keeping those numbers up high, although the transcribers have still maintained a pretty good lead! There’s…


Week 1: September Showdown! 

Alright everyone, it’s been a full week and here’s the score: That’s right. Our transcribers have quite a large lead on our uploaders! BUT the good news is that the weekend is here! So let’s get out there, Team Photography, and narrow that gap! Don’t…


September Showdown! 

Are YOU ready for the BillionGraves September Showdown? This month, our wonderful photographers and transcribers will be dueling it out! We are going to see which group will take more pictures or transcribe more records respectively. You get to decide which team to help; so…