23 Jun 2024

Tag: events


Colorado Military Project THIS WEEK! Join us! 

In case you haven’t heard already, we are photographing the entire Fort Logan Cemetery in Denver, Colorado THIS Friday and Saturday! Bring a phone, charger, jacket, water bottle, and don’t forget to RSVP to hgunn@billiongraves.com no later than Wednesday (October 14). We need as many people as possible and we will…


Win the Pin Design Contest 

Calling all artists! BillionGraves is hosting a brand new competition and we need all you artistically-minded people to submit your work! Next year, we will be holding monthly challenges where picture-takers and transcribers will both get to participate. Each month we will introduce a new…


September Showdown: Week 3! 

It’s been a busy month here at BillionGraves with over a quarter of a million images transcribed and almost that many images uploaded too! Our picture-takers and transcribers are keeping those numbers up high, although the transcribers have still maintained a pretty good lead! There’s…


September Showdown! 

Are YOU ready for the BillionGraves September Showdown? This month, our wonderful photographers and transcribers will be dueling it out! We are going to see which group will take more pictures or transcribe more records respectively. You get to decide which team to help; so…