The initial launch of the Android app featured a bare-bones essentials version: it could find your local cemeteries and it could collect photos, but it couldn’t add cemeteries to the database while mobile (though we add cemeteries manually for any BillionGraves user who notifies us of an unrecorded cemetery). Since the release of the app, we’ve had some time to flesh it out a bit, and we’ll continue to add features and update the app in the Android Market whenever we have something new for you.

This update adds the Add a Cemetery feature to the Android app. It also includes a package of fixes we’ve put together for specific phone models that had unique requirements. Thank you to everyone who let us know about your phone’s quirks—without you we wouldn’t be able to improve the BillionGraves tool. If you’ve experienced any hiccups with the app when it’s running on your device, please contact the support team and let us know so our developers can continue to improve what we have to offer.