We’re excited about this update for iOS devices. Go get the update today from the iTunes App Store. Some of the features and fixes included in this update are listed below.

  • Use Indoors: Now you can use BillionGraves while you’re inside or under covered areas.
  • Check-in and Share Records: You can check in at a location or share a record on Facebook or Twitter from your device. Let your friends and family know what you’re up to. Maybe they’ll come join you at the cemetery!
  • No more In-App Purchase! Mobile records search is now completely free. Forever. In fact, everything in the app is free.
  • Linking issue: The problem with linking images from the device is now fixed.
  • The update handles users with a lot of pictures much better.
  • You can use your new iPad 3G to take pictures!
  • A few additional bug fixes
  • Translation updates
  • And much more!

Go get the update for your iPhone or iPad and keep taking pictures to help us reach a Million More in May!