BillionGraves Golden Egg Contest Winners!


Week #1

Week 1 of the BillionGraves Golden Egg Contest is officially over! What an incredible start to April with 82,502 photos taken and 90,705 new records transcribed! A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed this weekend and found 17 Golden Eggs all over the world! Check out the leaderboard HERE!

April Week 1 Totals

This week’s Golden Egg clue was the date that Pope John Paul II passed away, April 2, 2005. Here are the 17 entries submitted over the weekend!

Week #1 Entries
1 Paulwuzhere …DavidWilliamBlyth/7369515
2 Paulwuzhere …MichaelJohnDominguez/7369657
3 Paulwuzhere …JohnJosephGray/7369754
4 Paul R. Smith …CharlesAStevens/7379346
5 Paul R. Smith …PaulETatman/7379118
6 Paulwuzhere …DonaldMervynMcKinlay/7369829
7 Paulwuzhere …NormanKeithGarrett/7386397
8 Paulwuzhere …RubyFrancesNeil/7392385
9 Paulwuzhere …PaulGerardMitchell/7385290
10 Paulwuzhere …GertrudeMaudeMORRIS/7396457
11 Kathleen …DelmarELoewe/7412096
12 Kathleen …SamuelRamsey/7412099
13 Kathleen …HerbertEBaker/7412100
14 Kathleen …JuliusWilliamKoble/7412101
15 Kathleen …HerschelNHoban/7412102
16 Kathleen …WillieAEvans/7412098
17 Zoey …MarionRobertGoodwin/7423119

The winners of the BillionGraves Golden Egg Contest for week 1 are:

Bronze Egg ($10 Amazon gift card): Paulwuzhere


Silver Egg ($20 Amazon gift card): Kathleen


Golden Egg ($40 Amazon gift card): Paul R. Smith


****Winner’s check your BillionGraves email for information about claiming your prize!****

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this week’s Golden Egg contest! Didn’t win this week? Don’t worry, you can still win a Golden Egg during week 2 of the Golden Egg Contest! So grab your phone, and start planning your trip to the cemetery this weekend! Remember, you need the clue to participate, so follow us on Facebook HERE and tune in this Wednesday for this week’s Golden Egg clue.

Happy BillionGraves’ing!