BillionGraves wants to donate brand new iPads to the schools or charities of your choice. Hopefully lots of them! We are pleased to announce our first ever Team iPad Giveaway competition.

This new contest will run from November 1st until the last day of 2011. Our goal is to let our amazing BillionGraves volunteers team up and collect as many new headstone records as possible. You can form a team with anyone you want, including friends, family members, church groups, or even as part of an Eagle Scout Project. Teams can be organized by any registered BillionGraves user. Then, with your team, start taking pictures! For teams that collectively achieve specific milestones by the end of 2011, BillionGraves will donate a brand new Apple iPad 2 to a school or charity of your choice for your efforts. Get excited about this contest; teams are already forming!

Note: Team leaders do not need to have their own Apple or Android smart phone. This promotion is open to any who wish to organize teams of volunteers to set and achieve milestones with wide-reaching benefits.

Happy snapping!

The BillionGraves Team