21 Jul 2024

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In a Dozen Days 

It’s always interesting to see your progress, regardless of the task at hand. So we’re posting a progress report for BillionGraves. Here are our numbers after the first dozen days of work: Photos: 8084+ (variation allowed for the time it took me to write this)Records: 11108+…


Filling a Gap 

Since our launch last week we’ve received feedback that some feel we’re duplicating the efforts of Find a Grave, or that we should be collaborating with them. However, we feel that the way things have evolved is a good one: the mission of Find a…


Android App Availability 

We’ve loved the responses BillionGraves.com is getting. We’ll be addressing them as we can here on the blog. One of the most frequent responses we’ve been hearing is a question: Why isn’t there an Android app, and when will there be one? To answer the…