Yesterday two of the four features I mentioned last time went live: the new transcription form and zoom capabilities. The new form is still simple and easy to use, but is now more adaptable and can accommodate more types of information. The default form now has the following fields:

  • Prefix
  • Given Names
  • Family Names
  • Birth Month, Day, & Year
  • Death Month, Day, & Year

By clicking “add additional info” in the lower right corner of the form you’ll also see these:

  • Maiden Name
  • Marriage Month, Day, & Year

You can also click the blue “Add Description” tab under the form and you’ll get these:

  • Add Epitaph
  • Add Additional Information

The “Add Additional Information” field is there for anything that isn’t easy to standardize. Some headstones list children, but many of them differ in how they go about it. Some mention parents, but sometimes only by initials. Some mention military service, but the format for units and such varies. With the free-text format of the additional information box, you can ensure all the information gets captured and recorded and nothing gets left out because it doesn’t fit a predefined form.

If you have any questions about how to transcribe a particular headstone, visit our transcription help page.