WOW, BG’ers!

Another record breaking weekend at BillionGraves!

Over the weekend there were: 139,467 images uploaded & 78,145 records transcribed

Thanks to all of our users around the world who have contributed so far this month!

We are closer than ever to our 1 million image goal, and so far, we have a handful of photographers in the running for an iPad Mini. As of today we have 3 people with over 35,000 images, with Nancy Alford at an AMAZING 46,883 images! Paulwuzhere, jodie1 and kenpojosh are close behind and on track to hit the 50,000 image mark! With two more weekends it’s definitely possible! Check out all the numbers this month on our leaderboard. HERE.


On the whole, BillionGraves contributors have been killing it! With over 530,585 total images uploaded and 459,952 transcriptions, we’re quickly getting to the One Million mark.


Congrats to Jodie1 for uploading 10464 images and to HonestAbe for transcribing 2283 records during our weekend challenge!

Both will receive a $20 gift card to Amazon for their amazing achievements!


While we are THRILLED at the amount of pictures and transcriptions happening, we’ve still got a ways to go.

Keep up the great work, everyone! We’re so grateful for all the hard work.

Have a great week, and get out into the cemeteries!




The BillionGraves team