21 Jul 2024

Tag: smartphone


Group Effort 

Our records continue to grow, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of our volunteers! We hope you’re having a great month capturing and transcribing images. Have you gone out to the cemetery with a group yet? As you know, we highly recommend it. Not only…


Linking Images 

What if one of the headstones you come across has important information on the back? Or what if it’s an obelisk and has information on all four sides of the memorial? Remember, you can link images of the same headstone together while you are taking…


Android Compatibility 

We’ve created BillionGraves with the intention that it would work on any Android device; however, not all devices support the BillionGraves app. Certain hardware and software combinations do not support the app, and some carriers cause certain phones to lose functionality as well. We’ve compiled…


Teamwork in Action 

This weekend, a few of us here at BillionGraves were able to participate in an Eagle Scout Project hosted at a local cemetery. The project was a huge success. Each volunteer had a great time providing service to their community. With everyone involved, the whole…