What if one of the headstones you come across has important information on the back? Or what if it’s an obelisk and has information on all four sides of the memorial? Remember, you can link images of the same headstone together while you are taking pictures with the BillionGraves app. Tap the link icon in the corner of the camera view in between each shot of the headstone you want linked together. So if you take a picture of all four sides of an obelisk, you will tap the link icon three times—in between each picture you take. Then, when the images are transcribed, all four images will be available on one screen for the transcriber to see. That way all the information for one headstone can stay together.

If you’ve uploaded photos from the app but forgotten to link images together, you can email support and we will manually link those images for you. We will need you to include

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  • the email address you used to register with BillionGraves (so we can locate the images that need to be linked)
  • the specific image numbers from the album you’ve uploaded
  • the album name (which is usually a date)


You can find the album name by navigating to the My Photos page from your dashboard and clicking on the album containing the unlinked images. The Album Title will be at the top of the page. To find the image numbers, click on the images in your album, and the number will be at the top of the screen (e.g. Photo 1 of 39). Once you have this information, email support. Here’s a sample email you can use:

Dear Support,

I need these images to be linked together:

From the album 2012-01-04, photo 1 of 39 and photo 2 of 39 need to be linked.


BG user (plus BillionGraves email address)