Guest Blog Post By Brandon Jensen


Throughout life one cannot help to think of the great legacy their ancestors have left before them. The amazing ancestral mysteries of who, where, and why my life is.

Life can bring complicated and yet challenging adventures with landsides of opportunities and options to choose from. For most people, choices can be simple and easy, and for others challenging and hard thought process. But, what would life be or what has life become through formalities of the thought process of choices. After all, all paths lead to somewhere or something great or small.


Why is genealogy important:

Genealogy is important because it helps satisfy the inward persona, the deep need to understand the world around us and how we fit it in. Also, may we not forget the importance of learning from others through the experience they’ve gained, may we also learn from them.

Benefits of doing genealogy:

Genealogy is a popular pastime. I’m always impressed to learn or find something new that transpired from descendants, to the little settled integrates that granted outcomes from choices made throughout their life. It grants great joy knowing the outcome of hardship and challenges our ancestors faced, and by knowing the great and amazing mysteries of who, where, and why.


May we remember there is never been a better time than know to get a jump start on our genealogical New Year’s resolution!


Motto: Life was and is what we make it! – Past, Present, and Future!