Thanks to Jyl Pattee’s challenge at the Keynote session on Friday, I decided to find some “Wow” moments during my time at RootsTech. While traveling to all 50 states, Jyl made “Wow” moments by taking jumping pictures by roadsigns. Well, I decided to travel a bit…around RootsTech 2013 and I created some “Wow” moments of my own!

The lovely waterfall/sign that greeted us every morning when we walked into the Expo hall.
Gotta love!
Find My Past: their booth was so tall!
I LOVED meeting these lovely Aussies (Alona Tester in the hat behind me is a blogger too!) I can’t help being jealous of her lovely accent.
These people loved the fact that it looked like they were photo-bombing me, when really, I was sneakily getting the picture of them!
I heard lots of great things about RootsMagic this weekend, I may just have to try them out myself!
Mocavo provided the green lanyards for ALL conference attendees!
MyHeritage has some exciting things coming up! Can’t wait to try out the free 6 month membership I won from them!
The My Heritage side-note we got to look at all day (our booth was right next door). I have the gift of levitation everyone.
Everyone loves FamilySearch here!
Flip-Pal has a ROCKIN’ product. Might just have to rob my piggy bank to get myself one!
Saving Memories Forever; I already have their app on my phone!
I think these two lovely ladies weren’t sure what to think of me…
Yes, folks, this is the only booth that applauded my jumping skills. Thanks Southern California Geneological Society!
ReelGenie was packing up their booth by the time I got to theirs… I had to jump real fast!
And then I found someone to jump with me! I love these Sistas in Zion! What great sports!
…and we ended big with one big BillionGraves JUMP. These guys are the best!

We sure had a lot of “Wow” moments at RootsTech talking to thousands of people who are just as excited about genealogy and technology as we are. What WOW moments did you create today?