december-holiday-challengeAs 2013 is coming to a close we thought we’d end the year with one last fun promotion. Join in on the friendly holiday competition to contribute to the wonderful BillionGraves Project!

How to Win:

Win a Prize All you need to do to win a prize (see below) is to place in the top 12 transcribers or uploaders on the leaderboard by December 31 at midnight (GMT)!


The Prizes:

1st $30 Amazon Gift Card

$30, $20, or $10 Amazon Gift Card
Win a $30, $20, or $10 Gift Card by Uploading or Transcribing in December
2nd $20 Amazon Gift Card
3rd $10 Amazon Gift Card
4th $10 Amazon Gift Card
5th $10 Amazon Gift Card
6th $10 Amazon Gift Card
7th $10 Amazon Gift Card
8th $10 Amazon Gift Card
9th $10 Amazon Gift Card
10th $10 Amazon Gift Card
11th $10 Amazon Gift Card
12th $10 Amazon Gift Card


The Rules

-Make sure you have permission and are welcome to take pictures in your local cemetery before doing so. Remember, private cemeteries require permission of the owner before taking any pictures.
-Winners will be announced at the end of the month on the BillionGraves blog.
-Promotion is open to all to participate for free. Registration is required.
-More than one individual may contribute to a single account, however, the limit is one prize redemption per BillionGraves account.
-Items will ship in 6-8 weeks after contest closes for winners in the U.S. Please allow 8-12 for winners outside the U.S.
-Recipients will be required to provide a mailing address for physical items.
-All images must be uploaded/transcribed no later than midnight (GMT) on December 31, 2013.

Most Importantly:

Enjoy your time visiting a new (or familiar) cemetery, transcribing photos from around the world, and a HAVE FUN time BillionGraves-ing!