Here we are in week two,
Our records, we have quite a few.
There’s still more to go—
but that much, you know!—
So let’s add some more to the queue!

Remember, to reach our goal of 1,000,000 new records this month, we just need two thousand users to take 500 pictures each.

The average use can document over 500 images in hours or less. Many of you have already reached 500 images this month, and we don’t want you to stop now! If you put in just hours each weekend in May, you’d be at 2,000 images. If you went for an additional half hour 3 times during the week, you’d be at 3,500 images by the end of the month!

As you go out and take more pictures this week, remember these great tips to produce quality, transcribe-able photos:

  1. Avoid shadows or debris blocking the words on the headstone.
  2. Take photos as straight on as possible.
  3. Make sure all important information can be read.
  4. Be sure multiple photos of one headstone are linked together!

BillionGraves allows you to link images of the same headstone together. This way, the database can store ALL the information included on a headstone in one record. As you take pictures, tap the chain link button in the corner of the screeen (opposite the X button). This will link the next image to the one you just took. To link more than two images together, continuing tapping the chain link button between each image.

If you’re concerned about duplicating images (and efforts) when collecting headstone images, look up the cemetery you’re visiting before you go, and take pictures of areas not covered with orange GPS flags. Sometimes being thorough will lead to some duplication. You don’t need to worry too much, because BillionGraves has a system to weed out duplicates.

Look to our user guide to answer any questions you might have in detail. If you still have questions, contact us. Have a great picture-taking week!

Chalkboard image adapted from image by KROMKRATHOG via