As of today, here are the numbers for the results so far of Million More in May:

  • 158,725 images uploaded by 409 people
  • 152,946 records transcribed by 709 people
  • 296 cemeteries added with
  • Over 80,000 images queue, ready to be transcribed.

We are well on our way to a million! However—as you can see—we still have quite a way to go. And that means we need YOUR help! We know a million is quite the lofty goal, but it would be a huge milestone for BillionGraves. One that YOU could say you were a part of!

So get out to your local cemetery as much as you can these last two weeks. Remember, Memorial day coming up (on May 27th) for those of you in the U.S., which is a great time to take some photos while you’re already out in the cemetery! 

Let’s see if together we can accomplish something big. Like a MILLION kind of big.