With a day devoted to honoring mothers coming up here in the US, we thought we’d honor some here at BillionGraves. Our database of headstones is a great resource for your personal family history research, but did you know it also provides other interesting data that we can tap into? We did a bit of our own research and found the top 100 epitaphs transcribed in our database. These beautiful epitaphs show devotion to fathers, mothers, brothers, daughters, war heroes, and other loved ones.

As we looked specifically for epitaphs honoring mothers, we found that in the top 100 epitaphs, “Mother” is included in 28 of the entries. Then, we found that the word “Mother” is contained in 16% of all epitaphs in our database. Mothers are revered members of society, and it shows in the headstones you’ve collected for BillionGraves.

Check out this table of the most popular epitaphs about moms:

Records     Epitaph

6,149 Mother
1,101 Beloved wife and mother
1,008 Beloved Mother
559 Wife
530 His Wife
454 Beloved Wife
301 Loving Wife and Mother
232 Wife and Mother
226 Mom
217 Beloved Mother And Grandmother
168 Loving Mother
152 Our Mother
85 Grandmother



Happy mother’s day to all you BillionGravers! We’ll be finding more interesting facts for you from our database in the near future, so stay tuned.