20 May 2024

Tag: android

Release Notes

BillionGraves Plus 

We’re unveiling new features on BillionGraves! All of the free features that you’ve come to enjoy are still free. Introducing: BillionGraves Plus account Records Watch Virtual Walkthrough Mobile Records Search Favorites Notification Packages Earn these new features for free!   BillionGraves Plus By opening a…


Android Compatibility 

We’ve created BillionGraves with the intention that it would work on any Android device; however, not all devices support the BillionGraves app. Certain hardware and software combinations do not support the app, and some carriers cause certain phones to lose functionality as well. We’ve compiled…

Release Notes

Free Access to Records 

To celebrate the holidays, we at BillionGraves are providing anyone who registers for a BillionGraves account during December and January free access to records within the iPhone or Android app. This promotion will continue through the end of January, so if you don’t have an…

Release Notes

Android Update Version 1.3 

Today we released version 1.3 of the Android version of the app. Most of the updates are things you won’t notice—fine-tuning, bug fixes, etc. However, with this update we’ve made peace with several phone models that were formerly hostile to the BillionGraves software. Android phones…