06 Jun 2023

Tag: android

Linking Photos of the Same Headstone 

The recent Android update included numerous bug fixes and one new feature: linking images. This feature is in response to the need we’ve found (and you’ve undoubtedly seen) to link multiple images of the same headstone so anyone looking for the ancestor buried under that…


Earn a BillionGraves T-shirt 

This month we want to give you a t-shirt. We’ll send a free BillionGraves t-shirt to anyone who collects and uploads 1,000 GPS-verified* photos before August 31 (anything uploaded from August 1 onward counts). Collecting 1,000 photos may sound a bit daunting, but it really isn’t….

Release Notes

Android Update: Add a Cemetery 

The initial launch of the Android app featured a bare-bones essentials version: it could find your local cemeteries and it could collect photos, but it couldn’t add cemeteries to the database while mobile (though we add cemeteries manually for any BillionGraves user who notifies us of…