Since the BillionGraves Index is now available on, a large group from FamilySearch employees decided to learn more about what BillionGraves is all about. So they headed to the Murray Cemetery in Utah to give the app a try.

Some people took pictures, and some people contributed by cleaning off headstones ahead of the picture-takers. This job is an important one: taking pictures goes much more quickly if the headstones are ready with all the information visible.

Dan Shellman, one of the participants, shared a bit about the great experience he had. “The activity that we held in which we took pictures of grave stones to be uploaded to BillionGraves was a great one.  As I was taking pictures, it was humbling to see the names of families and wonder at the lives they must have lead.  It felt great to know that the information about these families could be used to help others better understand their family history.”

Getting a rubbing of a favorite headstone for personal records.
Transcribing records together after the trip to the cemetery.


120 different contributors—88 of them first time picture-takers—participated, and about 12,000 new images were added to the Murray Cemetery in one day.

The group even started transcribing the images together after the event.

Thanks to those who participated. Remember, getting a group together makes picture taking a faster and even more enjoyable experience. And check out the BillionGraves Index on

Some headstones are hard to reach, but with a little effort, you can still capture them.