04 Jun 2023

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Release Notes

BillionGraves Update 2.0.1 

Version 2.0.1 is now available. While this update fixes minor issues, updating your app helps ensure everything is running smoothly. Don’t forget to update your BillionGraves app. Details for a Few Fixes: [list type=”check”] The Account View and Add Cemetery View display bug is fixed….

BillionGraves Team Achievements 

All– Many of you have seen the event that we launched on Veterans Day in the US: Team iPad Giveaway In the effort to continue building a bevy of image-takers that can keep our powerful volunteer transcription team busy–we have launched the following event: BillionGraves…


What a response! 

As many of you may recall–we posted some encouragement in the form of an email plea for more images. The response on that very day–was overwhelming. We experienced the largest single day of uploads ever recorded. 20% more uploads than our previous biggest day ever…

Release Notes

Android Update Version 1.3 

Today we released version 1.3 of the Android version of the app. Most of the updates are things you won’t notice—fine-tuning, bug fixes, etc. However, with this update we’ve made peace with several phone models that were formerly hostile to the BillionGraves software. Android phones…


September T-shirt Winners 

Today’s the last day to upload photos for a September t-shirt. Here are this month’s winners: Ddwertman lmwillett Sophie mlmckenzie smflatness Gayle sadie63 Jeremyeguzman waynedaz Simini WizardAlex J_and_K marnweeks lisabug If you’ve crossed the 1,000 threshold (for either GPS-tagged photos or transcriptions) and you have…